Financial Assistance

The Y welcomes all who wish to participate, and annually raises funds to help make that possible. Through a fee structure based on family size and income, the Y programs are affordable to the entire community within the limits of scholarship resources. Please let us know if we may serve you our your family in this way. The Y is driven by community need, guided by community volunteers and open to all. The Y is a nonprofit, charitable and United Way affiliated agency

To apply for a scholarship assisted membership download form here and return with supporting documentation to the Y Service Desk.

Sponsorship Cover Letter
Sponsorship Application
*Denotes an additional $20 Enrollment Fee
**Denotes an additional $50 Enrollment Fee
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Daily Guest Fees
Youth (Birth-18).....$5.00
Adult (19 & Over).....$10.00

SPECIAL SERVICES - Kit lockers are available to members for $25 per year(1/4 size) or $40.00 per year (1/2 size lockers). Kit Locker fees are non refundable. Day passes may be purchased for non-members who want to use our facility.

Monthly Bank Draft
It's convenient & affordable!
Use your checking or savings account, credit or debit card automatically drafted on the 1st of each month. Your membership never expires.....unless you want it to.

Changes are easy!
If you change banks or accounts, just stop by the Service Desk to complete the new authorization form.

Cancellation of MEMBERSHIP
Cancellation of memberships on the auto draft plan must be made in writing by the 25th prior to the next scheduled withdrawal. Memberships paid in full are non-refundable.

Membership Categories

HOUSEHOLD Two adults living at the same address and all children living at home under the age of 24.
SINGLE PARENT FAMILY One Parent and children under the age of 24 living at home. LIMITED TO HOUSEHOLDS WITH ONLY 1 ADULT.
SENIOR HOUSEHOLD Two adults 60 + years of age living at the same address
In House Registration Only
In House Registration Only